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Voltmeter Lighter tinggal colok

Voltmeter Lighter tinggal colok
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O2 Ionizer /Air Purifier dengan Aroma Therapy (HOT) - Biru

kode pesan: O2.ionizer

Car Air Purifier Ionizer dengan aroma
Stok: warna  Biru, 
Aroma: acak/random.

Concentration of Negative Ion = 7.500.000 pcs/cm3

O2 Ionizer is the hottest Air Purify with large Ion Negative Concentration. It is the best product to air purify in your car, room, toilet, factory, etc.
With the larger Ion Negative, it is faster to remove smoke or even Kill Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, and make the air so clean, fresh, and healthy.

O2 Ionizer with Aromatherapy is match for your car, family room, office, toilet, factory or other places. It is faster to purify the air, faster to clean the air, more fresh.

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This product was added to our catalog on 12/12/2012.

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Original Posted By Paman_powz
car holder sama dudukan batang di spion sudah mendarat di Bandung.
packingnya rapih, pelayanannya responsif. transfer sore, eh barang sudah
nyampe besok siangnnya. pokoknya top markotop...

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