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Bike Holder GPS kode A

Bike Holder GPS kode A
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Sticky Stand antislip holder black

Kode pesan: Sticky-Stand

1.Material: PVC
2.Brand new Car Super Sticky Pad Anti-slip Mat for Phone
3.Leaves no marks on cars
4.Withstand high temperatures and without deformation,
5.Clings to any vertical, horizontal and slanted surface firmly
6.More firmer with tooth ripple on the edge
7.Easy to clean, just use water wash, it will become super sticky again after dry.
8.Ideal for mobile phones, MP3 players, keys, glasses, pens, GPS, tissue boxes

This product was added to our catalog on 01/08/2015.

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Bike Holder GPS kode A

Bike Holder GPS kode A

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From Kaskus
Original Posted By andryas
ini ane gan yang beli desktop charger onyx2 2 biji kemaren kamis....

beli ama agan ini fast respond euy, belom lagi barang cepet sampe, ga
pake rekber rekber an dahhhh!!! langsung transfer besok barang terima,
even ane bawel dan banyak tanya sesudah beli nih barang, tetep aja
diladenin dengan sabar sama si agan... TOP BGT dah si agan ini.. jangan
pake ragu mau beli sama si agan CRAYONYES, next time beli lagi jangan
lupa pake diskon ya gan.. hehehehe

yang pasti si agan ini

Bagi cendol dong gggaaannnnnn....!!!

Voltmeter Lighter tinggal colok

Voltmeter Lighter tinggal colok
Rp.50.000,-        Rp.70.000,-
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